CaDD PC99 Suite overview and installation
Updated 20170101


CaDD PC99 Suite is a software-only package that includes:

Supported PC operating systems

Note: Not tested with Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 8 or 8.1. There is no theoretical reason why the CaDD PC99 Suite should not work on these operating systems.

Required hardware

Personal computer with:

Required software


See the CaDD PC99 Suite overview and installation documentation:

"CaDD PC99 Suite overview and installation"


Until the release of CaDD PC99 Suite, CaDD offered PC99 Stage 6 {Full | Light} and The Cyc separately. Because of licensing arrangements with Texas Instruments and third-party vendors, you had to be an owner of PC99 Stage 6 {Full | Light} to order The Cyc. By bundling PC99 DOS, the PC99W emulator, and The Cyc in CaDD PC99 Suite, this restriction no longer applies.

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